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Office of the President

Office of the President

President's Cabinet Meeting Minutes - November 2014  


President's Cabinet Meeting

Monday, November 10, 2014


Provost Tom Hackett, Dr. Tom Helton, Dr. Gina Sheeks, Dr. Alan Medders, John Lester, Abraham George, Laurie Jones, President Mescon, Amber Dees, Dr. Kimberly Gill (for Cheryl Smith), Dr. John Finley, Ed Helton, Todd Reeser, Dr. Pedro Maligo, Richard Baxter (for Dr. Linda Hadley) Shawn Richardson (for Rachel Green, SGA)



  1. President's Update - Congratulations to Dr. Hackett for becoming the interim CSU President
  2. John Finley - Status of Presidential Search and the upcoming Faculty vote on Nov. 20th on Shared Governance & Bylaws
  3. John Lester - Dr. Chip Reese is the contact person regarding traveling (Ebola)
  4. Laurie Jones - Open Enrollment ends Friday, November 14th and December closings
  5. Todd Reeser - Jay Entlich is Coach of the Year, the male and female CC Athlete with the highest GPA attend CSU. Kayla Parsons and Nathan Reeves won the Elite 15 Award for the highest GPA
  6. Shawn Richardson - SGA collecting coloring books for the children's hospital in Columbus
  7. Ed Helton - Turner College of Business needs to get involved with the ATL Business Chronicle
  8. Tom Hackett - Enrollments are up, focus is on retention and Complete College