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Office of the President

Office of the President

President's Cabinet Meeting Minutes - July 2014


President’s Cabinet Meeting

Monday, July 14, 2014


Provost Tom Hackett, Dr. Tom Helton, Dr. Gina Sheeks, Dr. Alan Medders, Bill Sutley (for John Lester), Mary Covington (for Abraham George), Dr. Sri Sithraman, Dustin Worsley, Jennifer Cobb, Joy Norman, Jonathan Lucia, Laurie Jones, President Mescon, Amber Dees, Dr. Kimberly Gill, Dr. John Finley, Ed Helton, Scott Larese

Not in Attendance: Dean Representative, Chairs Council representative, SGA representative, Athletics representative


1.       President’s Update- Report on successful summer orientation programs. Congratulations to Enrollment Services, Student Affairs, Residence Life

2.       Laurie Jones reports on Affordable Care Act and Welcome Back Planning Week. 29 hour work week issues and transitional measurement period.  (Attachment)

3.       Dr. Gina Sheeks, Jonathan Lucia, Joy Norman and Jennifer Cobb report on change in Emotional Support, Animal Laws (Attachment 1), (Attachment 2)

4.       Steve Morse presented a summary on use of CSU facilities. A follow-up meeting will be held with Logistics, Continuing Education, VPBF and Provost to discuss. (Attachment)

5.       Dr. Sri Sitharaman reported on Student Achievement Measures and improvement in data collection.

6.       Provost Hackett provided update on Complete College and Academic Affairs. Focus will be on 4 areas: 1. Laser focus on 4-year graduation rate 2. Enrollment numbers do matter 3. Reaffirmation of accreditation with SACSCOC   4. Campaign fundraising, focus on funds and capital construction

7.       Dustin Worsley from ACE Center reported on the Go Back, Move Ahead Initiative and Advising Information Systems update